This morning it is -23C in Espoo, Finland and even -40C in the Finnish Lapland. What comes to business image at these temperatures, the main thing is to keep warm. In any fashion and image related issues we must stress that the health and safety issues always come first, although, having said this you can get prepared to cold weather with these advices:
Your outerwear e.g. coats, shoes, hats, scarfs, gloves and socks should be made of good quality thermal wear materials like down or fur (coats), shoes with thermal lining, hats of wool or fur, scarfs made of 100% wool or cashmere (no cotton, no polyester) and gloves thermal and warm.
Do wear an extra layer of a woollen cardigan or a pullover for the outdoor transporting time and extra set of woollen/cotton/bambu long underwear hidden under a business suit or a dress is not a bad idea. You can always take it off in the office.
DO ADVICE YOUR YOUGSTERS on the cold and buy them down coats to put on. City-style ski-trousers are recommended and make sure they wear warm socks & shoes.
STAY WARM - also in business!
Tuija K Advice Jan 2016