NBF 2015 BEST DRESSED  Those performing on the main stage the best dressed were our Swedish host and Guy Kawasaki with his crisp white shirt no tie topped up with a business jacket and business jeans. Also Arianna Huffington had a great dress although the black color made her disappear from the view. Nilofer Merchant had the best performer color in her dress (bright red) but the missing sleeves and boots instead of high-heels took me as a surprise. Simon Sinek, it seems, can dress the way he likes but his style was not according to his professional message standard. So all in all, I feel honestly honoured to be in the same photo with the two best dressed performers in NBF and those are Mr Guy Kawasaki and MTV host the always fabulously dressed Peter Nyman. The latter being also my business associate nowadays. Extra TEN STYLE POINTS go to NBF staff and personnel who were performing in service greatly but also looked fantastic. In the pictures below top row from left always maticulously stylish Mimma Silvennoinen, my clients from Springhouse Erika and Anna-Kaisa and the handsome guys are Tarmo Herlevi from BITIFY and Jake Aalto from Aaltovoima Recruiting Services.