Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014

Copenhagen Fashion Summit is one of the world's most important event on sustainable fashion. There were most interesting cases presented and sustainingly elegant presenters including Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark to open the summit in the morning of 24th April. Other speakers included the man behind M&S transformation JUSTIN KEEBLE, Accenture, saying that we need more consumption models; LIVIA FIRTH, Eco-Age, believing in the marriage of ethics and aesthetics and the fashion editor of the Financial Times VANESSA FRIEDMAN who was, interestingly, talking about sustainable wardrobe.

Sustainable fashion is the future. We need to THINK! how much we buy, what items we buy and to consider what we need to own. We need to make every day conscious choices. We also need to remember that fashion industry world-wide employs over 60 million people and is a 3.7 trillion business.

We commemorated the RANA PLAZA disaster of 24th April 2013.

The motto of COPENHAGEN FASHION SUMMIT is "HEY! I'M TRYING TO BE NICE" and you can see me using this bag as my hand-bag this spring & summer. It is my sustainable fashion statement.

TUIJA K on Sustainable Fashion 2014