I met yesterday my ex-patriate friend and over the lunch she was wondering why Finnish Ladies in Finland all wear beige? We all look too 'beige' anyway. Her statement was spot on and needs an answer.

Is it our homogenious culture that makes us all wanting to look the same or does the beige color really suit us all? Beige can be great and especially elegant color when worn occationally and applied to quality materials. I just saw one of my Lady clients wearing a top-quality beige business dress looking like an international executive - she actually is. But the beige needs to be of good quality, it needs a brand around, it needs the elegance of wearing it. Forget the 100% CO beige trousers - get a business quality, make sure the trouser surface is smooooth, let it shine a little. Andiata does the best quality beige in town, do pay a visit to their Galleria Esplanad Store.

.. and what am I wearing today in the office? Beige cotton, most comfortable summer trousers of all times. I am no better! But Ladies, let's get back to looking stylish, let's upgrade our image to a Lady level, let's put on some higher heels and start looking striving, elegant Ladies in business! Who's in?

beige: beɪʒ,beɪdʒ
noun: beige; plural noun: beiges
  1. a pale sandy fawn colour,
    "tones of beige and green"

    synonyms:fawn, brownish-yellow, pale brown, buff, sand, sandy, oatmeal, wheaten, biscuit, coffee, coffee-coloured, café au lait, camel, kasha, ecru, taupe, stone, stone-coloured, mushroom, putty, greige