Yesterday I was asked to do a presentation on how to dress well in IT business. The event took place in the Helsinki central Restaurant Sunn and the cabinet was filled with IT Business Ladies all eager to know more.
Usually IT people tend to dress down and in business terms this means Casual Business Attire – you know jeans, T-shirts, running shoes. IT professionals work long hours with and on computers, machines, and want to feel comfortable in their casual clothing. Yesterday’s IT Ladies were first asked what is their favourite piece of business clothing, and amongst these professionals it was either a jacket or a dress, not a pullover or jeans. I was pleasantly surprised.
The evening was loaded with questions and comments – fantastic audience to talk to, very interactive, and at times the room was filled with laughter. That’s the best way to learn! Mostly we discussed the issue of a good jacket/blazer. The definition of a good blazer for a woman is the fitting at the shoulders (the same applies to men) but a good blazer is also designed so that it beautifully brings out the feminine curves. If the shoulder width is too wide, the person wearing it looks either too big or badly dressed. The other issue was the length of a dress. Manufactures generally tend to leave the length of dresses on market too short and ladies wearing them start to lack in credibility. In business one should never wear too short hemline.
My general advice is, in any business, do not buy low quality clothing: it doesn’t take the stress of wearing or care and makes one look ‘cheap’. If you wish to be promoted, always dress up – not down.
Tuija K on Business Image & Style Issues